570 (PS)
570 (PS)
570 (PS)
570 (PS)
570 (PS)

570 (PS)


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Built for comfort and style, the 570 is a versatile and durable kids' running shoe. It features a lightweight midsole for cushioned support and a synthetic and mesh upper inspired by classic running shoe designs for all-day wear, anywhere.


  • Comfortable sole

    On a walk or uncertain weather – always safe and comfortable! All thanks to the EVA foam sole, which is incredibly flexible and cushions the feet.

  • Fabric interior

    The above shoes have an interior lined with extra material, which not only protects the feet from blisters but also acts as a thermoregulating layer.

  • Light upper

    The soft and light upper is responsible for the incredible comfort of these shoes. This is the perfect model for school or fun play outside.

  • Flexible insole

    For crazy play on the playground, secure your little one in shoes with a fabric insole that has flexible properties and will fit their feet perfectly. It's time for fun and comfortable footwear!

  • Girly pastels

    Delicate and girly pastels never go out of style! This lace-up model, with its delicate tones, adds chic and grace to every look.

  • High-grade bottom

    When choosing everyday shoes for your child, pay attention to the sole which should be of a high-quality and protect the feet. Go for those made of high-grade material.

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