Gel- Lyte III OG

Gel- Lyte III OG


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This GEL-LYTE™ III OG sneaker features a nubuck upper that's rendered with a series of elemental tones inspired by the components needed to create traditional New Year decorations in Japan.

Each shoe is constructed with perforated underlays throughout the upper with various tones that reflect the Japanese phrases of matsu (pine) and ume (plum). The Pine colorway references a pine tree's evergreen hues, featuring soft green and teal tones that emulate the shade of a sapling's needles. Meanwhile the Plum offering has a primarily tan palette that's decorated with pink accents to symbolize Japan's plum blossom season.

Additionally, this shoe preserves original details, like its split-tongue design and GEL™ technology cushioning unit in the heel, to help deliver advanced comfort.

Style #: 1201A716.100

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