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"The best New Balance shoe ever" says it all, doesn't it? Not really. The 574 might be New Balance most unlikely legend. Designed to be a reliable shoe that can do many different things at once, rather than a platform for revolutionary technologies or a showcase for premium materials, the 574 is a shoe that can be worn anywhere, anytime. This humble, understated versatility is exactly what catapulted the 574 into the ranks of the best. Conceived as a hybrid design for on- and off-road, built on a wider last than the narrow running silhouettes of the previous generation, the 574 offered a uniquely versatile blend of the new, the different, the uncomplicated, the rugged, the durable and the comfortable that went global. That's why the 574 is now synonymous with New Balance's exceptional style and is worn by everyone.



New Balances EnCap technology combines the two essential features of a runner. The outer layer of polyurethane guarantees stability during jogging, while the core of soft EVA provides the necessary comfort. Today, EnCap can be found in New Balance's entire product range - from 574 to 1500.

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