Fuelcell SC Elite v3
Fuelcell SC Elite v3
Fuelcell SC Elite v3
Fuelcell SC Elite v3
Fuelcell SC Elite v3
Fuelcell SC Elite v3

Fuelcell SC Elite v3


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Successor to the iconic New Balance RC Elite, the Fuelcell SuperComp Elite V3 is designed for maximum performance and performance. The SC Elite V3 is ideal for runners and marathoners who never give up. The midsole composed of a double layer of foam with Fuelcell technology added to the carbon fiber plate offers an impressive energy return with the innovative Energy Arc technology. The upper is made of a lightweight, breathable mesh filled with technological efficiency, providing the perfect fit for comfort and stability. Lightweight and extremely responsive, this model will certainly optimize your performance in training and running events.

EVA midsole with Fuelcell technology;
Upper in lightweight and breathable synthetic material;
Energy Arc carbon fiber plate;
Tongue construction integrated into the upper provides the perfect fit;
Rubber sole in strategic contact zones;

Recommendations to avoid hydrolysis - Detachment or breakage of the sole:
Store your footwear in a dry and well-ventilated place, avoiding humidity, preferably out of the box;
Keep your shoes away from heat sources and avoid exposing them to high temperatures
Clean your shoes regularly, especially after walking through mud and moisture.
Hydrolysis is a process that can occur more quickly depending on how you care for the shoe and NB performs technical tests regularly. The NB technical test condition for hydrolysis is 60C/95% humidity. This condition is equivalent to approximately 1 to 1.5 years under ambient conditions.

- Premium foam, with high propulsion and responsiveness, made of soft compounds and at the same time extremely light. Its main function is to return the energy generated in each step.

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