JT On The Go Kit
JT On The Go Kit
JT On The Go Kit

JT On The Go Kit


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On The Go 

The JT on the Go kit is a selection of fitness products strategically picked by elite and Bermudian fitness trainer Josh Tweed to get an effective full body workout.  This kit contains products of the highest quality, and has been designed with comfort and effectiveness in mind..

Each product  targets certain areas of the body so you can use them to suit your needs depending upon your goal. The best way to get results is to use a variety of equipment vary your routines so whether its weight loss, toning, building muscle or just to increase overall fitness this kit is ideal to get you your results. Get yours now and start to see your body shape up in a few weeks !

The kit contains 

1) Resistance band - Our soft grip resistance band is comfortable and especially effective for working the arms, shoulders and back for toning and defining the muscles. The resistance of the band ranges between 20-30lbs 

2) Booty band - Our non - slip fabric booty bands are ideal for toning and lifting the glutes giving you that perfect booty ! It also works the lower body and is great for toning legs

3) Core slider - This is a great piece of equipment for defining Abs and getting that six pack! Also great for strengthening the core. Dual sided, our core slider can be used on hard surfaces and carpet so is ideal for home workouts

4) Speed jump rope - When creating the perfect body cardio vascular exercise speeds up the process as you shed body fat and start to see definition quicker. Our speed jump rope is adjustable to height and is designed for speed and smoothness when skipping to ensure maximum results 

This Kit is compact and light. It comes with its own mesh bag and can be taken anywhere. Ideal for home workouts.

… and it makes a great gift! 

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